The Pearl

One of the most fascinating gifts that God has given us is our intelligence. We perceive reality in context, we sense and reflect history. My thoughts go back to my very first memory, when I was about three years old. My mom, my sister, the view out of our kitchen window, thoughts, feelings, and smells. I also remember at the age of fifteen the never before experienced happiness to sit with others and savor God’s presence in prayer fellowship. I knew then already, as a young man, that I had found the most precious pearl ever.
Happiness in my soul later came up and faded away like the sun at a Euroean sky. But I still know that I’ve got the pearl.


Tinyletter opinion

This low-traffic letter will include fun links, interesting and useful stuff I have found over the last few weeks and other wonderful things. I may also add some opinions and thoughts. I will use this as an experiment and a place to share differently thanĀ  my blog and for a slightly more intimate communication medium. Newsletters seem more personal if they are done right.

–flying with mobile wordpress

wp and pics

This is another test – android wp being much easier to handle on a phablet than a html editor combined with dropbox.


The picture above showing the beach at Montaza/Alex.

This little pic embedded post cost me only a couple of minutes. Working with editor and dropbox took at least an hour for the same result.

writer’s platform

Why Every Writer Needs a Platform

Done right, a writers’ platform provides a vehicle to present your
credentials and promote your published work. A platform can help to
establish your brand, and provides a ready means of exposing your
work to a wider variety of potential clients. Be forewarned,
however: writers’ platforms can have a multitude of moving parts.
Just like many other tools in your arsenal, establishing and
maintaining a platform takes work.